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Top 5 questions to ask yourself when setting a goal

Goals are a part of every aspect of work-life. They give us a sense of direction, help us to focus and it clarifies the importance and priority of tasks. Setting realistic goals helps us stay motivated and committed to achieving them, while unrealistic goals would lead you to feel unaccomplished and disappointed.

Locke and Latham highlight that working towards a goal improves performance, as it can be a major source of motivation. In addition, they suggest that the more difficult and specific a goal is, the harder individuals try towards achieving it.

It is important to notice, however, that although people are often motivated by challenging goals, one must ensure not to set a goal that is too challenging so that it might not be feasible to achieve. (Locke and Latham, 2012)



Top 5 Questions to ask yourself for realistic goal setting

    1. What exactly do you want to accomplish?
      (Brainstorm a few goals that you would like to achieve this week, month, and year. Create a goal list draft first using Fincenti Daily Progress Tools, and revise with clarity in mind. Make sure that your goal descriptions are reframed with positivity.)
    2. What measurable indicators will you look for to check progress and success?
    3. What is the minimum number of steps to take in order to achieve your objective?
    4. What is the most obvious initial step towards your goal?
    5. How can you link your goal to a greater purpose in your life?


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