10 Questions you can ask yourself to improve customer service

Are you working in a customer servicing role but trapped in an awkward situation that your tactics do not work anymore? Or are you starting to get involved in serving customers and need a quick tip on how? If so, the following ten thought-provoking questions may help you develop better ways to deliver your service beyond customer expectations.


Before you begin, try these sample assessment questions if you have been in customer service roles. If you are new to serving customers, these points may help you understand what capabilities you may need before engaging with customers.


Sample Assessment

  1. How satisfied is your customer with the delivery of your product/service?
  2. How did your customer rate your response time for query resolution?
  3. How satisfied is your customer with the quality of product/service delivered?
  4. How do you rate your communication to your customer?
  5. How likely do you see the customer as a repeat client?


Select and revise a couple of questions from the list that are the most relevant to your situation.


Reflecting for five to ten minutes per question at the end of your day would help develop new ways of serving customers. Some questions are good for collective reflection in your team, and others are suitable for individual reflection.


Sample Questions

  1. Think about a recent satisfactory customer service experience. What was good about it? Now, think of a recent unpleasant customer service experience. What are a few learnings?
    Additional question: While working with that customer, how did you clarify the customer expectations?
  2. How do you define your customer service standards?
  3. How do you acknowledge that you have understood the customer requirements correctly?
  4. How do you define your customer wants and needs? How do you react differently to the wants and needs of your customer?
  5. List out the activities, initiatives, discussions you do where you emphasize creating your brand identity. What can you do to make them think that way?
  6. How do you ensure your responsiveness to your customer?
    1. Frequent connects
    2. Customer service platform
    3. Customer feedback and responsiveness timelines
    4. Self-service options, etc.,
  7. How do you measure customer satisfaction levels? How frequently do you do that?
  8. How do you communicate back to your customer about the actions taken based on their feedback?
  9. How do you acknowledge the efforts of your employees who went the extra mile for customer service?
  10. What kind of training do you provide to your employees on enhancing customer service? How frequently? A few examples of such training programs could be:
    1. Active Listening
    2. Business Understanding
    3. Influential Skills
    4. Interpersonal Sensitivity
    5. Product/Service Knowledge
    6. Effective Communication Skills


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