Fincenti – Benefits and Features

Simplifies the way you work with your team incorporating two simple features

Daily Progress and End of Day Reflection

Tool that focuses on progress check, task completion and growth by reflection.


Stay on top of your progress

Focus on what you have achieved for a day to identify what went well and what needs improvement for you and your team.


End your day with Reflections

Create a snapshot of your day’s accomplishment to stay motivated for the next day’s work by End of Day Reflections.


Share with your team for live feedback and encouragement

Share your progress and reflection with your team for real time feedback and encouragement before derailing.


Built for task completion and self reflection for growth

Focus on progress and reflections through Fincenti as a complement to other collaboration tools.

Daily Progress

Track your day’s progress, on-holds and completion with template-based easy entry. Achieve greater transparency in differences between actual and desired results

  • Real time Daily Progress Check
  • Template-based easy progress entry
  • Daily Dashboard view of progresses

End of Day Reflection

Activate the circle of reflect, learn, and grow. Identify what went well, what needs improvement, and what can be repeatable and scaled.

  • End of Day Reflection Entry
  • Guided questionnaire for easy reflection
  • Dashboard view of progress and reflection

Team Sharing with Privacy Filter

Recognize your team members for their contributions and help them to improve with feedbacks and reviews real time.

Privacy filter helps you choose what to be shared for feedback and what not to be shared for self-reflection.

  • Team sharing feature
  • Privacy filters for selective sharing
  • Team Feed view

Real-time External Expert Feedback*

Identify your team’s growth opportunity with real time feedback from External Experts. Fincenti provides a platform for sharing process with privacy filter so that External Experts can provide real time advice as your team progresses.

*Additional charges apply. Available in select countries and industry.

  • Selective Progress sharing with External Experts
  • Privacy filter for sharing progress and reflections

Three easy ways for creating result-oriented team with Fincenti

1. Track Progress

  • Use Daily Progress Check for tracking all the small moving parts.
  • Align strategy to execution and recognize problems early to minimize the risk of project derailing.

2. Reflect for Growth

  • Use End of Day reflection as an opportunity to understand what’s done well and what can be better.
  • Identify things that can be repeatable and scaled.

3. Share and Learn

  • Get feedback and encouragement from your colleagues and confront any challenges together.
  • Learn from External Experts for growth acceleration opportunities**Additional charges apply. Available in select countries and industries only.