Extraordinary Attorney Woo – Review, Fast Facts, Trivia, and Growth Insights

Last Update: July 29, 2022


Extraordinary Attorney Woo – New Binge-Worthy Drama Series: Review, Fast Facts, Trivia, and Growth Insights


Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a courtroom K-drama series starring Park Eun-bin in the title role as Attorney Woo Young-woo. In the 16 omnibus TV drama series, Attorney Woo is a lawyer with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who has low emotional intelligence and poor social skills but solves complex cases with an exceptional memory and excellent problem-solving skills. It is a binge-worthy series with great acting; however, it also gives you food for thought for better team dynamics and leadership.



Fast Facts


Main Cast includes:

Park Eun-bin

Park Eun-bin (as Woo Young-woo)


Kang Tae Oh

Kang Tae-oh (as Lee Joon-ho)


Kang Ki-young

Kang Ki-Young (as Jung Myung-seok)


Directed by Yoo In-Shik

Key Movies and Series

Romantic Dr. Kim 2 (2020)

Vagabond (2019)



Written by Moon Ji-won

Key Movies

Innocent Witness (2019)


Cases on Extraordinary Attorney Woo

  • Episode 1: Domestic violence
  • Episode 2: LGBT
  • Episode 3: Disability and Social Bias
  • Episode 4: Inheritance Disputes
  • Episode 5: Patents and Business Ethics
  • Episode 6: North Korean Defectors
  • Episode 7: NIMBY – Part 1
  • Episode 8: NIMBY – Part 2
  • Episode 9: Kidnapping minors
  • Episode 10: Sexual Assault against People with Intellectual Disabilities



  • Even though the series is overly dramatized and simplified, the cases are mostly based on actual legal cases. Some cases are based on essays and books by Korean Attorneys – “Why I defend them” written by Attorney Shin Min-young and “Master of the Courtroom” written by Attorney Shin Joo-young
  • A character with ASD has been played out in a few Korean movies and drama series, including a real story based Marathoner with ASD in Malathon (2005), a doctor with ASD in Good Doctor (2013), and a lawyer with ASD (Lee Min-ji as Youn So-mi) in My Lawyer Mr. Joe 2: Crime and Punishment (2019)
  • The first episode was premiered on ENA, a new Korean Drama channel (formerly known as Sky), on June 29, 2022
  • Park Eun-bin started acting as a kid in 1996 when she was four.
  • The last filming was done on July 14, 2022, and the private closing party was held on July 15, 2002. There was a reward holiday planned for all the actors and staff, but it was canceled due to schedule conflicts. Instead, “golden whales” will be given to all the actors and staff as a reward. (Updated on 29 July)
  • It took eight months to film the whole series. (Updated on 29 July)
  • Attorney Woo counts to three on her fingers when she enters her father’s restaurant. This is an homage to “Innocent Witness”. (Updated on 29 July)
  • Unreleased clip of episode 5 can be found here: (Updated on 29 July)
  • Unreleased clip of the clash between Tae Soo-mi and Han Seon-yeong. In this clip, Han Seon-yeong warns Tae Soo-mi by saying “Pure love from your college years? The fruit of that love. Don’t you remember? Be careful” Watch here – (Updated on 29 July)


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Growth Insights – the leadership of Jung Myung-seok (Kang Ki-young)

Jung Myung-seok (Kang Ki-young) is a team lead attorney with 14 years of experience leading two new hires. Then Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) joins his team. Myung-seok did not accept Woo Young-woo as part of his team and initially ignored her as she expressed her lack of social skills in the initial encounters and conversations. Myung-seok even went over his superior’s head, the CEO of the Hanbada law firm, and got the assurance that he could fire Woo Young-woo if she mishandled her case. Through the first case, he found Woo Yong-woo’s exceptional skills in solving complex cases with outstanding attention to detail.


Leadership Principle #1: Stand up with facts and arguments

  • Going over the superior’s head is a dangerous move; however, Myung-seok clearly defined the facts and arguments with his superior and agreed on the next step for Woo Young-woo with his superior, the CEO of the Hanbada. He evaluated Woo Young-woo without bias and cleared all other objections from his juniors, emphasizing Woo Young-woo’s talents and her contributions to the team.


Leadership Principle #2: Match the best strength of a newcomer to the team

  • In today’s hiring system across the globe, it is hard to recognize the true strength of a new hire. Existing team cultures and mixed values prevent uncovering the true potential of a new hire to the team. Onboarding a new team member is not just providing a laptop and phone. Having mentors, office friends, and supporters with clear goals would unlock the potential contributions to the team and a sense of accomplishment for the newcomer.


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